helldivers 2 factory strider

Ultimate Guide – Factory Strider – Helldivers 2

The Factory Strider is the new “big bad”. In our Ultimate Guide, we show you how to kill it.

Ultimate Guide – Factory Strider in Helldivers 2 — Weak Points

  • The door below, where it drops its troops
  • The neck
  • The leg joint
  • The leg connection to the torso
  • Cockpit (the small area where the red light can be seen)

Weapon Effectiveness

Auto Cannon

2 hits on the miniguns

7 hits on the factory door

18 hits on the cockpit

Heavy MG

Whole mag on the factory door

got killed while trying any other spot


Laser Cannon

3 seconds direct fire on the minigun

5-7 seconds on the factory door

could not penetrate the cockpit

Quasar Cannon

2 hits on the factory door

Disposable Rocket Launcher

2 hits on the factory door

Antimatter Rifle

2 hits on each Minigun

1,5 Mags on the factory door

4,5 Mags on the cockpit


Technically 2 hits, but it aims first on the top cannon (so you need 3 shots)

Machine Gun

Takes forever on the factory door and DO NOT RECOMMEND

Recoilless Rifle

2 hits on the factory door

6 hits on the cockpit (use team reload)

Arc Rifle & Flame Thrower & Grenade Launcher

Ain't doin shit, Bro...


4 overcharged hits just to kill ONE minigun -.-

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