helldivers2 ultimate armor guide

Ultimate Armor Guide

Selecting the appropriate Armor in Helldivers 2 is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness on the battlefield. We created the ultimate guide for you, so you always dress up correctly ;)

Selecting the appropriate Armor in Helldivers 2 is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness on the battlefield. The right armor choice can significantly impact your survivability, mobility, and combat capabilities. In our comprehensive Armor Guide, we thoroughly analyze the various Armor options available in the game, considering the adjustments and enhancements introduced in the most recent patch. We assess factors such as defensive capabilities, special abilities, and tactical advantages provided by each Armor type to help you make informed decisions and excel in your missions.

Fighting Bugs in Helldivers 2 — Our Armor Guide

When engaging in combat with the bugs, it is crucial to adhere to a single fundamental rule: avoid sustaining any hits. The bugs typically converge in large numbers, making it imperative to evade their attacks completely. Once you are struck by a bug, subsequent hits are highly probable, leading to sustained damage. In this scenario, sustaining damage to the head is a common occurrence. It is important to note that in the current state of the game, the armor you possess does not offer protection for your head.

helldivers2 ultimate armor guide - ce 74 breaker

Currently, the most effective approach is to prioritize agility and the ability to move swiftly to outmaneuver the bugs. Light armor is recommended for this strategy as it allows for increased mobility. In my experience, I find the “CE-74 Breaker” to be a suitable choice for armor when facing off against bugs. This armor is lightweight and offers the advantage of carrying two additional grenades, which can be used to either target the bugs directly or seal bug holes efficiently.

It's a light armor that provides you with 2 extra grenades to throw in their face, or to close bug holes. Additional to that, you have a sniper like aim if you lay down and use your LMG to eradicate every bug from the surface of the planet.

Fighting Bots in Helldivers 2 — Our Armor Guide

With the bots, the situation shows very different. They shoot at you, and they shoot countless rockets! They rarely engage in close combat and even when they do, they take a lot more time to get close to you than the bugs do. Unless you want to engage in stealthy play, we recommend heavy armor with extra protection against explosives. The “FS-05 Marksman” is such an armor, as is the “FS-23 Battle Master”. One addition honorable mention would be the “B-27 Fortified Commando”, since it offers the highest armor rating, with 200 currently in the game. But from our testing, we think that the passive with explosive protections helps more in case of survivability.

helldivers2 ultimate armor guide - fs 05 marksman body
helldivers2 ultimate armor guide - fs 23 battle master body

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