G123 Thermite Grenade

G123 Thermite Grenade – Review

So, we have all been waiting for a new and maybe better way to kill bile titans and chargers in Helldivers 2, right? Guess what? You have to wait longer 🙁

The G123 Thermite Grenade in Helldivers 2

The G123 Thermite Grenade vs Bugs

  • You can kill everything with just one grenade up to a hive guard. Those are the smaller tanky ones, that protect themselves with their front legs.
  • The Brood Commander needs 2 Grenades if you hit him in the face — and since those are the middle enemies, I was king of... shocked that I needed 2 of them.
  • Bile Spewers also require 2 hits, but it doesn't really matter where you hit.
  • Charger need 4 (!) hots on the head and up to 6 or 8 on the body
  • Bile Titans need 7 on the head or 12 on the main body

The G123 Thermite Grenade vs Bots

  • Every small enemy can be killed with just one grenade.
  • Striders (Chicken walker) just take one grenade, regardless of where you hit
  • Berserkers need 2-3 direct hits
  • Basic Devastators need 3 hits to go down
  • Heavy Devastators (with the shield) just take ONE grenade to kill, regardless of where you hit (shield too)
  • Rocket Devastators need 3 hits
  • Hulks take 3 grenades to the face, but just 2 on their heat sinks
  • Tanks take 3 hits, unless you hit the heat sink, that it's just 2
  • Turrets take just one grenade against their heat sink (if you hit)
  • Command Bunker Turrets take one grenade
  • Mortars and AA guns take 3 hits each

The G123 Thermite Grenade in Helldivers 2 - Verdict

G123 Thermite Grenade

This weapon has numerous red flags:

  • It's a DOT weapon with a blast at the end of it's lifecycle. The blast does the most damage.
  • it takes ages to blow up
  • It's too weak
  • It has no AOE range
  • It's difficult to aim, and often bounces off the target or sticks somewhere else
  • useless against bugs


  • Useful against bots (kind of)


A new weapon in the game should have a specific purpose. Here, I see none. I really expected a Charger killer, but 6 grenades are more than one typical single player is carrying. (Yeah, there are armors that grand you 6, but not everyone wears them) So this weapon against the bots is pretty useless, especially in a high difficulty.

There are some promising results against the bots, but to be honest, it's too difficult to remember whom to hit where to get the best results.

From my perspective, this weapon needs to be able to one or two hit a charger. The delay is ok, as long as the results are great, and currently they are not. Give the blast a punch, and make it more AOE - for now - don't use this weapon!

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